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Industrial Plumbing in Wacol

Cottee Plumbing Services are skilled and experienced in all areas of industrial plumbing.

Industrial spaces present unique challenges which require specialised industrial plumbers. Wacol’s industrial clients typically require the installation of new steel piping, hot water systems and air lines for driving machinery, to the maintenance and repair of damaged sewer pipes and clearing of blocked drains. As one of the longest established providers of specialist plumbing to Wacol’s industrial customer base, you can count on us.

A long term member of the Master Plumbers Association of Queensland (MPAQ) we also design and install industrial plumbing systems. From hot water solutions, high pressure systems and simple pressure valve, drainage or pump applications, to complex industrial waste management and backflow prevention systems, our team of plumbers have experienced the most challenging applications.

Whatever the scale of the job, and no matter where you are in Wacol, we provide:

• Compressed air line installation
• Installation of C.O.E.S.
• Installation of fire hydrants and fire hose reels
• Sewer and storm water drains
• Pump out systems
• Water storage tanks
• Hot water units
• Backflow prevention
• Trade waste, grease traps, oil separators and gross pollutant traps
• Pump out system for flood prevention
• Installation of water storage tanks
• Roofing repairs

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