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Drain Camera Inspection Brisbane

With blocked drains on industrial and commercial sites, it is virtually always necessary to treat both the symptom and the cause in order to prevent a re-occurrence.

Cottee Plumbing Services of Brisbane use CCTV drain inspection cameras (often called ‘drain cameras’ or ‘sewer cameras’) to examine blocked drains and pipelines. This allows us to accurately determine the cause, assess the overall condition and recommend the appropriate remedial action. Blockages and leaks are often caused when a section of pipe is broken (often by tree roots or dry, shifting soil) and only by inspecting a drain and identifying the cause, is it possible to permanently solve the problem.

As industrial and commercial plumbing specialists, we use CCTV inspection drain cameras to perform both drain and pipeline Inspections, for blocked drains, leak detection, and for the line location of utilities such as water, gas, chemical, fuel, stormwater and electrical systems.

As well as identifying the cause of blocked drain or leak, CCTV inspection cameras also enable us to replace the offending section of broken pipe whist minimising any inconvenience to your business operations.


Drain inspection cameras enable our operators to see what is inside a pipe by transmitting a live image to a monitor screen. Video inspections therefore allow plumbers to examine the condition of the inside of the pipe, to see if it is broken, has collapsed or if there are tree roots blocking it. In doing so, drain inspection cameras Brisbane eliminate the guesswork of a blocked drain diagnosis.

Additionally, a sensor on the tip of the camera means that the plumber operator knows the exact location of the camera. This enables them to mark the ground exactly where the fault or blockage is and then excavate accurately in order to repair it, saving time, manpower and money.

Footage from CCTV drain inspection cameras can also be recorded and stored on a DVD for future reference. The footage can also be stored on a DVD for future reference, providing a documented copy of the properties plumbing, and enabling it to be viewed by, and discussed with our customers.

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