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Cottee Plumbing Services has been designing, installing and maintaining commercial plumbing systems for more than 30 years.

Using experienced commercial plumbers for problem situations is vital. As a commercial specialist plumber, Parkinson’s business region presents plenty of large-scale challenges. As well as minimising inconvenience to your business activities, our work also respects the fact that property owners are potentially liable for sewerage contamination or burst piping in commercial or office environments. The repercussions of an ineffective plumbing solution can be considerable and by choosing an experienced commercial plumber, you are minimising risk.

We provide commercial plumbing, Parkinson plumbing repairs and regular plumbing maintenance checks. From blocked drains, burst pipes and leaking roofs to clogged sinks and stuck taps, no job is too large or small and prevention is always better than cure.


Cottee Plumbing Services also design and install commercial plumbing systems and cover the following areas:

• Periodic maintenance and service
• Clearing blocked sewer and stormwater drains
• Cleaning grease lines and trade waste systems
• Grease traps and grease tanks empties and cleaned
• Trade waste design and installations
• Commercial water storage and water saving system design and installation
• CCTV drainage inspection plumber Parkinson • High pressure water jet pipe cleaning
• Fire hydrant and fire hose installation, repairs and maintenance
• Compressed air line installation
• Hot water repairs and maintenance
• Pump and valve repairs and maintenance
• Installation, testing & reporting on backflow prevention and RPZ valves

If you require a plumber, Parkinson based Cottee Plumbing services are ready to help. Call us today on 07 3209 7332 for more information.

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