Industrial & commercial plumber Parkinson.

Cottee Plumbing provide professional, fully comprehensive and reliable plumbing services to industrial and commercial customers. As a specialist plumber Parkinson’s industrial region often presents plumbing challenges best suited to large site specialists. Our services include:
Business Park Plumber, Parkinson

• Plumbing repair work
• Installation of new plumbing, and
• Upgrades to existing Parkinson plumbing systems
• Roof repairs and maintenance


Being industrial specialists, our large vehicle fleet helps us to effectively serve industrial customers in the Parkinson region and wider Brisbane suburbs. With the right equipment in stock and ample supplies at our premises, the most appropriate solution to your needs will be recommended by our plumbers. Parkinson, being a heavily industrialised region, also presents many situations that domestic plumbers are unable to cope with, or simply lack the necessary experience.

Cottee Plumbing also provides extremely competitive rates. If you need a plumber Parkinson is our territory. Call us today to arrange a quote on 07 3209 7332.


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