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Hot water system maintenance

Each year as winter approaches, many of us Queenslanders start to notice the drop in temperature, particularly in the mornings and evenings. We only have to look at our domestic behaviour patterns when the mercury falls to see how increasingly reliant we become on hot water and heating systems. Multiply this factor by the number of personnel working at your business premises and it will give you a good idea of the increased workload that corporate hot water units need to handle.

hot water maintenance

Of course if it’s been ‘a while’ since your hot water system was inspected and maintained, the likelihood is that if there are any weaknesses, they are likely to reveal themselves at a time when the hot water systems are needed most, and your system is more likely to buckle under the strain.

Now is the time to have a licenced plumber check your hot water units.

One of the most common problems that we face with hot water systems is valve failure. Typically valve failure results in a lack of hot water (or no hot water at all) and larger than expected electricity or gas bills. This is because the heated water is being lost and the hot water system is essentially working overtime to create more and more hot water. Perhaps unsurprisingly, when valves do leak excess water or fail to work properly, their cost implications can significantly outweigh the cost of regular maintenance.

Regular checks on hot water unit relief valves can therefore actually save businesses money in the long run.

If you suspect that your water heater is leaking, or it’s time for a check-up, contact Cottee Plumbing today on 07 3209 7332.

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