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Cloudy water? Fear not.

If you find that your water supply is cloudy coming from your tap, don’t worry!

Cloudy, white or milky drinking water is usually caused by the presence of harmless, tiny air bubbles in the water. If your drinking water seems cloudy, first try filling a clean glass with cold water, then let it sit for a little while. If the water begins to clear, first at the bottom of the glass, then the colouring has been caused by air bubbles, and it is safe to drink.

Cloudy water is often caused by aeration devices on internal plumbing. Air can be introduced into drinking water in a number of ways, for example the sudden filling of a glass by quickly opening a tap can do this. Many taps are fitted with ‘aerators’ that introduce air into the water stream to reduce splashing and provide a uniform flow. Aerators can become blocked and require regular cleaning. Water coming from hot water systems can also be aerated and appear cloudy.

However the cloudy water could also be the result of network maintenance causing air to enter the Darra plumbing network. If air is sputtering from taps, there may have been recent repair works in the local system, or for a burst water main. Air becomes trapped in pipes when they are refilled with water and the trapped air is therefore released from taps when the water is used.

So our simple solution if you have detected air in the water. Just run the tap until the water returns to clear, which following work in the local system could take between 5-10minutes.
Of course if you are still worried, contact us to find out more.

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