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Why are our drains blocked?

blocked drainsBlocked drains in commercial and industrial premises usually require more serious attention than blockages in domestic situations where some vinegar, hot water and a plunger are (sometimes) sufficient to fix a problem.

The question that needs to be asked is ‘what is causing the blockage?’

At Cottee Plumbing Carole Park, our first step is to inspect your blocked sewer drain, for which we have CCTV drain cameras with long distance reach which allow us to explore the drainage system, identify the problem and assess its severity. We often show clients a DVD recording of the drain camera inspection prior to going ahead with a repair. We are then able to deploy a variety of devices to tackle blocked sewers and pipes, dependent upon the blockage.

Plumbers clear drains using an ‘electric eel’. The electric eel is essentially a spinning steel cable with a cutting head that we feed into the plumbing system, which chews the blockage when it comes into contact with it.

When an electric eel isn’t tough enough to clear a blocked drain we deploy the high-pressure jet rod. Jet rodding is a newer and far more effective technology intended for the cleaning of larger applications such as sewer drains, and it blasts with so much pressure that it can even cut through tree roots.

Unfortunately not all drain blockages are so straightforward. In a recent Carole Park plumbing job, when we inspected the sewer with our CCTV drain camera we discovered that the sewer drain had a major break, which had caused the pipe itself to partially collapse, needing a complete excavation and repair. It had created a very serious blockage which no amount of vinegar and plunging was ever going to fix!

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