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Roof repair services

As a plumbing specialist to large industrial and commercial clients Cottee Plumbing Services also provide roof repair services.

The extreme weather conditions that Queenslanders experience tends to exploit any and all weaknesses in the roof structures of large business premises. Hail damage, ageing skylights, roof ventilators, blocked and corroded gutters are all the too often causes of leaks which in a very short space of time can become a serious problem, particularly in the wet season.

So for the record:

• We check and repair all types of industrial and commercial gutters and roofing
• We also replace Alsynite roof skylights on industrial buildings as well as roof ventilators (whirlybirds)
• We regularly also repair or replace roof flashings and box gutters.

There are a selection photos on this page of repaired box gutters and ventilators which are good examples the high standard of our work. Please click on anyone of the thumbnails in the left hand column to see these in more detail.

And if you need us to inspect your premises to highlight any roofing areas in need of preventative maintenance work, by all means contact us today.

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