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Backflow prevention

The term ‘backflow’ is given to any instance where water flows into the council’s water system rather than flowing out of it. Whatever the source of the problem, the risk is that the backflowing water is contaminated in some way, and therefore by flowing back into the water system might contaminate the supply, which in turn is supplied to many other users.

Industrial and commercial environments of course hold a very apparent risk should water flow in the wrong direction and contaminate the supply.

Backflow prevention devices are therefore installed to ensure that the water supply is protected from contamination by the various hazards – harmful liquids, production waste and chemicals – evident in commercial properties. Backflow prevention prevents used water beyond the mains supply from flowing back into the water main.

As a customer of the Queensland Utilities Water and Sewage service, if you are the owner of a large industrial facility, a small shop, or even a home, then you as the customer have the primary responsibility of preventing contaminants from entering the potable water piping system and public water supply.

In Brisbane backflow testing, backflow prevention and backflow devices are required to protect the domestic water supply from such contamination. As such, water authorities generally require that backflow valves of varying capabilities are fitted to water lines. Depending on the potential severity of the hazard, this will dictate the type of backflow valve will be need to be installed. Two example instances are:
• Many restaurants and commercial enterprises have greasetraps installed. If this is close to a water supply outlet, then a restricted pressure zone device will need to be fitted to the water supply.
• Many industrial and commercial buildings have fire hose reels fitted. These typically require a double check valve as well as regular servicing and testing to ensure that the valve is in good condition, and performing as it is designed to do.

If you own a backflow device, or require backflow testing Brisbane based Cottee Plumbing Services provide a comprehensive industrial and commercial backflow plumbing service to all state requirements. Contact us today for more information.

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